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Back to drawing stuff again, one of the things that keep me composed during these depressive times.

Also finally accepted my fate,destiny,grand plan,joke that I will be by myself for the remainder of my natural life, thinking of all that I sacrificed, all that shit I went through, crossing half the state at 4AM in a rainy night while having fever just to be there for someone...

Oh wells shit happens eh, a guy armed with only his heart can't really win the war, he can win the small battles, and ultimately  that uncaring-asshole-manipulative-oldman armed with a car, house, money is the clear winner. Life goes on though, I'm glad that I love music, and artsy stuff, and adventures, there's plenty to do in my life, yes there's the occasional hurt-of-loneliness-loveless life that comes by time to time, but I'm already used to it, like those people that get bitten by poisonous snakes over and over.

I guess some people are not cut out for love no matter how hard they try, it's like it does not exist in their Operating Manual of Life, "Love? sorry we can't find the entry"


I am random.... randomly drawing.. randomly making models.. randomly travelling.. randomly talking.. randomly play.. randomly ride.. ooooo

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